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Facilities at Chichester. Call us now on 01243 533019.

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Welcome to Transform Smiles in Chichester. At Transform Smiles we provide specialist private dental services by referral only. Our team work with dentists to ensure the best result possible for your patients and our in-house laboratory enables our team to work together in order to produce the best possible results. In 2014 we won the British Association of Clinical Dental Technology National Award for ‘Extra Mile’ care and attention to our patients.

When you visit our specialist clinic in Chichester you can relax in our cosy patient lounge after a warm welcome from our reception team. We will ensure throughout the journey of the patient that referring dentists are kept informed and we will never undergo any treatment without speaking with the referring dentist first.

Call us on 01243 53301901243 533019

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Specialist Dentist, Quarry Lane, Chichester, West Sussex PO19 8NY | t: 01243 533019

envisage Chichester is open:

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  • Tuesday ......................................... 8.00am to 5pm
  • Wednesday .................................. 8.00am to 5pm
  • Thursday ....................................... 8.00am to 5pm
  • Friday ............................................. 8.00am to 5pm
  • Saturday ....................................... Upon request
  • Sunday & Bank Holidays ........ Closed

Paula Morrell Dip Clin Dent Tech RCS Eng, Clinical Denture Technician

Paula has over 25 years of qualified experience as a Dental Technician actively working alongside Dentists across the south of England. Paula has an expanded scope of practice in Implants and Tooth Whitening, allowing her to construct treatment plans, Implant retained dentures and with Tooth Whitening this can improve the whole smile. She is constantly updating her learning with the latest technique and materials, always wanting to advance her skills to provide her patients with an enriched experience, helping to enhance the best outcome possible for the patient.

Degree in CDT, BTEC Nat Dip in Science and Dental Tech, Adv Dip in Conservation & Reconstruction therapy, Adv Dip in Prosthodontics 

GDC Registration: 155146

Stephen Judge DD Hons Toronto, Dip Clin Dent Tech RCS Eng 2007 | GDC Registration: 109291, Clinical Denture Technician

Stephen our Clinical Dental Technician has over 25 years of experience, here in the UK. He qualified as a Dental Technician in London and later also graduated from George Brown, having completed their Denture programme with honours. He then went on to graduate from the Royal College of Surgeons in London. Stephen often sees patients by referral from other Dentists or as a patient you can make an appointment to see him directly. He is always happy to be working with the full Dental Team in providing services for private patients. With his extensive knowledge of dental technology, cosmetic dentures, implantology and cosmetic dentistry, Stephen can discuss with you a wide range of potential treatment solutions.

Stephen enjoys working together with his patients of all ages, and the rest of the Dental Team to provide bespoke solutions. If you are nervous or embarrassed, or struggle with your Dentures, Stephen will empathise and listen to your concerns. He is also very good at explaining things in plain English and putting patients at ease. With a technical and clinical background as a Clinical Dental Technician, Stephen can interpret and translate your requirements into the design of your new smile.

Stephen also teaches Dental Professionals and provides consultancy services for dental companies and the health care sector.

Mr Cyrus Kerawala MBBS (Hons), BDS (Hons), FDSRCS, FRCS Ed, FRCS (Max-Fac), Implant Surgeon

Mr Kerawala has both a private and an NHS practice at The Royal Marsden. He graduated with an honours degree in medicine from the University of London (St George’s Hospital) in 1992. Since he specialises in the surgical ablation and reconstruction of head and neck cancer patients he also chose to study dentistry, gaining another honours degree from the University of London in so doing (The Royal London Hospital). As an undergraduate he was awarded 14 prizes. He is a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of both England and Edinburgh.

After experience in general surgery and neurosurgery, Cyrus Kerawala spent five years of specialist training in the North East of England. He passed the Intercollegiate Examination in Maxillofacial Surgery in September 1998 and has been on the Specialist Register of the General Medical Council since August 1999.

Cyrus Kerawala was appointed as a Consultant in September 1999 and spent eight years at the Royal Surrey County Hospital in Guildford and North Hampshire Hospital in Basingstoke before moving to The Royal Marsden in May 2008. In 2005 Mr Kerawala was awarded the BAOMS Surgery Prize by his national association in recognition of his national and international contribution to patient care.

Mr Kerawala’s surgical interests concentrate on mucosal and cutaneous malignancy of the head and neck, particularly reconstruction of the post-ablative defect. His main research areas concern free tissue transfer, marginal control of disease, management of the neck and salivary gland cancer.

He devotes a significant amount of time to teaching, professional training and continuing medical education. Mr Kerawala has presented over 100 papers at international and national meetings and has been invited to lecture throughout Europe, America, Asia and Australia. In addition he has published over 50 papers in peer-review journals, written five chapters for textbooks and edited a further book.

Mr Kerawala is also:

  • Chairman, Education and Training Committee of the International Academy of Oral Oncology
  • Assistant Editor, International Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Honorary Secretary, British Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Assistant Editor, British Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Professional Advisor to the Health Service Ombudsman
  • Member of Appeals Panel, Postgraduate Medical and Education Training Board
  • Specialist Advisor to the National Confidential Enquiry into Patient Outcome and Death
  • Examiner for the Intercollegiate FRCS
  • Expert Panel Member for the DAHNO (Database for Head and Neck Oncology) Project
  • Editorial Board Member for Journal of Maxillofacial and Oral Surgery
  • Head and Neck Oncology
  • Oral Oncology
  • Journal of Surgical Oncology

Special interests:

  • microvascular reconstruction
  • transoral robotic surgery
  • salvage head and neck surgery
  • osteoradionecrosis

Dr Celehte Fortuin B.Ch.D, PDD Stell, Dentist | GDC Number 74757

Celehte started her career in dentistry over 17 years ago and worked for her first 6 years to complete, with honours, an additional qualification of Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Dentistry. As is typical of her inquisitive nature and thirst for knowledge, her passion to further enhance her joy and skill in dentistry took her to a private practice in London. Celehte’s personal interests run deep and by far her greatest passion is Scuba diving. Being a qualified Divemaster, Rescue diver, Technical and Cave diver, she could be mistaken for a fish. For the past 8 years she has a running column as the “Diving Dentist” in their magazine, Tanked up (formerly the London Diver) and is their ‘go-to’ person for consulting with patients who contact the dive chamber on all things tooth / diving related, an area known as Barodontology. Celehte has also acted as lead clinician and mentor to establish and grow a private practice in Australia. Her clinical skill, depth of knowledge and care for her patients, combined with her warm personality quickly spread amongst the community and the practice successfully established itself within a short period of time. Patients remark on Celehte to be professional, warm, knowledgeable, thorough, perfectionist, easy to communicate with, very good at putting patients’ fears at rest, reassuring and friendly! In London she worked within a multidisciplinary team alongside another dentist, hygienist and Specialists in the fields of Orthodontics (braces), Periodontics (dealing with gum disease) and Implantology (replacement of missing teeth with titanium dental implants). Combining in-house training with an array of hands-on and continuing professional development courses, she worked alongside these world leaders in their fields; she honed her skills and enhanced her knowledge in these disciplines.

Find out about our Chichester clinic

Dental Implant Consultation

We want to make sure that you are clear and informed on all your dental implant options, which is why we dedicate consultations dedicated to implants. We want you to have a clearer idea on what to expect with the dental implant, ensure you are suitable for the best success and allow you to ask any questions abut treatment and recovery. Your consultation will introduce you to your dental implant expert, who will undergo a full medical history and understand your needs as well as the condition of your oral health for long term success.

X-Rays are usually taken to facilitate the discussion so that it is personal to you and informative. The consultation process should allow you to have a greater understanding of dental implants, alternative treatments, advantages and disadvantages of different modalities both implants and non implants, timing, procedures and costs making you better informed and putting you in a position to make the correct choices about the treatment plan that’s best for you.

Denture Consultation

If you have missing teeth our denture consultation will form part of your Dental Health Check and you don’t need to be resigned to a life-time of wearing ill-fitting dentures that you can’t eat with and that look unnatural. Our dentist work with local laboratories to provide the highest quality solution for replacing missing teeth with dentures that have a superior fit and an exceptionally natural look.

Oral Surgery - Complex Dental Extractions

Why Treat Infected Teeth

Tooth decay is still a problem even in the developed world and can lead to serious and life threatening complications. The microorganisms can spread from just within the tooth to surrounding bone supporting the tooth and then to soft tissues in the face. Due to the nature of human tissues there are potential tracks within the skin and adjoining tissues through which the infection can spread rapidly and reach a critical state. This can be more dangerous in people with other pre-existing diseases which affect their immunity. Therefore it is prudent to have these teeth treated promptly by your dentist. In cases where they cannot be saved they should be removed promptly.

Simple Extractions

Most extractions are done under local anesthetic and involve a needle. Lot of care is taken to make this least painful. Once your gum and teeth are numbed all you should feel is pushing and pressure. Very rarely in the presence of pus or active infection the anesthetic may not work very well.

Your surgeon may decide to peel the gums if the teeth are brittle or broken down, in which case you require stitching. Stitches should dissolve and heal away without any problem.

Be on a soft diet and take pain killers like simple paracetamol or ibuprofen which are quite useful. Some people may need codeine which is available as co-codamol over the counter. Maintain your oral hygiene as normal.

Immuno- Compromised Patients

Patients who are unable to mount a normal healing response which is preceded by inflammation to any surgical procedure can be termed immuno-compromised. There are a host of conditions which can lead to this situation and can result in delayed or even non healing areas where surgery is carried out in your mouth and may require treatment in the hospital depending on the severity.

What Conditions Can Compromise Healing?

  • smoking
  • Diabetes
  • Radiotherapy to head and neck
  • Steriod treatment for various medial conditions
  • Immunosuppressive therapy for different types of cancer
  • Chermotherapy
  • Blood disorders
  • Treatment of osteoporosis

What Precautions Needs To Be Taken?

Meticulous maintenance of oral hygiene with careful consideration of the surgical alternative should be the first step. Your surgeon will discuss the options available and pros and cons of each of these options. If you should have a tooth removed or similar surgical procedure undertaken then the risks involved will be explained. Antibiotic cover for such procedures may be useful in preventing complications.


Many upper molar teeth are located in close relation or even within maxillary sinus cavity. This is a hollow cavity within the upper jaw and has direct communication to your nose. It is directly under the orbit(eye shell). Prior to removal the risk of causing communication to the sinus cavity will be discussed by your surgeon. Many a times they may heal without causing much symptoms. In some situations patients may experience fluid running through the nose or even pain in the cheek. The close relationship also makes one prone for dislodgement of root into the sinus cavity.

In the event of such complications your surgeon may opt to close the defect by another simple procedure. If a root fragment needs removed or the defect is large and not amenable to be treated by simple procedure then a treatment under general anesthetic may be necessary.

Periodontist - What are the benefits to specialist treatment?

After periodontal treatment your gums will become healthier, which will help you keep your teeth longer. The improvements will depend on how good your cleaning becomes and how severe your disease was to start with. If your gums bleed, are red or are swollen this will get better. If your gums are sore, treatment should help and if your teeth feel loose they may feel firmer after treatment. Your breath may become fresher.

Prosthodontics - Smile Makeover

All our dental clinics offer a transformational smile makeover experience with treatments designed for clear results. We understand how important it is to a person's self-esteem to be able to smile with confidence and eat without fear of unforeseen breakages. We offer full private cosmetic dentistry through our experienced dental teams to help you bring out the best version of yourself. To understand your needs and make a real difference to your life, we offer a full smile consultation to include discussing teeth whitening, straight teeth, crowns and veneers as well as to cover off the way you look and feel along with the way your teeth function for everyday life.

We invest in our people and business so that you can experience the best care available and our dental teams undergo extensive post graduate education and learning to continually meet the "gold standard" in the profession. You can be assured that you are in the hands of dentists who have a passion for dentistry and up to date techniques. We offer a range of experience across a variety of treatment modalities within envisage dental to preserve as much of what nature gave you as our priority whilst addressing any weak, damaged or missing teeth.

Our dentists are also able to offer straight teeth options, cosmetic white fillings, veneers, crowns, professional whitening, dentures, bridges, teeth implants, Botox and many more cosmetic treatments to inspire you to bring out the best version of yourself and help make a real difference to your life.

Sedation - Nervous Patients

One of our patients didn't go to a dentist for ten years due to his dental phobia but after seeing one of our dentists, who treated him the way we treat all our clients, he finally got over the fear of dentistry.

Be assured that you are far from alone and we have treated hundreds of people in your situation and they keep coming back! We recognise that dental phobia can be a real issue which affects your oral health over the long term. One visit to envisage dental and we promise to help you overcome the fear of the dentist. Before you even sit in the chair we discuss any anxieties you may have and take these on board when treating you – we want you to be in control.

We will offer painless dentistry with early intervention to help prevent irreversible gum disease, painful dental abscesses or extensive dental treatment. Why not pop in for a tea or coffee to meet our team and decide yourself!

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