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Welcome to our Specialist Endodontic Clinic at Transform Smiles, covering the most complex of Endodontic Dental treatment. You may have recently suffered from a failed Endodontic treatment or your dentist may have referred you to Transform Smiles Endodontic Clinic if your case is more complex than usual. Our aim with Endodontic treatment is to save your tooth that would otherwise need to be extracted as there is no real substitute for your own tooth if we can make efforts to keep them.

Endodontic treatment removes damaged or infected tissue from the inside of the tooth. The tissue, called the pulp, contains nerves and blood vessels that help nourish the tooth. After the pulp is removed, the pulp chamber and root canals are cleaned, disinfected, filled and sealed. Our aim at Transform Smiles is to give you all your options and provide dentistry with clear results. 

If you have any further questions or are worried about treatment, please telephone the Transform Smiles Specialist Endodontic Clinic where we will be happy to talk with you.

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Endodontist - Does Endodontic treatment hurt?

Cleaning the root canal system may cause some inflammation of the surrounding tissues after treatment, but the popular brands of painkillers should alleviate the discomfort. The mild symptoms can last for up to a week after the root filling has been carried out and are not unusual. If postoperative pain persists or increases in severity, please call the surgery. With the use of modern techniques, root canal treatment typically involves little or no discomfort. Often there is pain before the treatment and endodontic therapy provides relief. 


Endodontist - How long will the tooth last?

With proper restoration and care it may last a lifetime. This is all dependent on your oral health, regular visits to the dentist and ensuring you invest in looking after your teeth and gums. 


Endodontist - How many treatments are needed?

Sometimes endodontic therapy is completed in one visit, but often two or three appointments may be needed.


Endodontist -How much does root canal treatment cost?


The expense of an endodontic procedure varies depending on how severe the problem is and the type of tooth. Molars with two or three canals are more difficult to treat and the fee is accordingly more. Endodontic treatment is usually more economic in the long term than alternative treatments, such as extraction and restoration of the missing tooth with bridges or implants.


Endodontist - What caused the problem with my tooth?

The most common cause of pulp damage is decay or a fracture that exposes the pulp to bacteria that may cause infection. Other causes of pulp damage include traumatic injuries, such as a blow to the tooth, a cracked or loose filling or repeated fillings in a tooth and occasionally gum disease.


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