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At Transform Smiles, we pride ourselves on delivering state of the art specialist prosthodontic care and we are happy to accept referrals for advice, treatment planning and treatment. Our team of dentists are experts in their field and registered as specialists with the General Dental Council.

Prosthodontics is the field of dentistry that relates to rebuilding natural teeth and restoring missing teeth with prosthetic replacements. This may involve a routine procedure such as making a crown for a damaged tooth or it could involve more complex procedures, such as full mouth reconstruction of extensively damaged dentitions involving the use of Veneers, Bridges, Dentures or even Dental implants.

A Prosthodontist is responsible for executing those treatments, as well as co-ordinating treatment that may be required by other specialists. Several years of specialist training and recognition by the General Dental Council as a Specialist in Prosthodontics places the individual in the optimal position to manage the more challenging cases such as those with significant functional or aesthetic problems. Patients contemplating dental treatment which may require the use of dental implants, the extensive use of veneers as part of a smile ‘makeover’, and treatment that involves major changes of the dentition are strongly encouraged to seek the advice of a Prosthodontist in order to obtain the most appropriate, comprehensive and individually tailored solution to their dental needs.

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Prosthodontics - Veneers

Porcelain veneers are hand crafted, often wafer thin and cover the front surface of the tooth, and they are used to rectify many defects and irregularities. Porcelain veneers are a cosmetic dental to solution to improving the appearance of your teeth in a very short period of time. A veneer is a very thin layer of porcelain applied to the front surface of your tooth to improve its’ appearance and disguise the irregularities underneath.

We use veneers to correct a number of concerns, whether your teeth are crooked, uneven, chipped, gapped, protruding or discoloured. The number of veneers you have will depend on the level of perfection you are looking for. Usually we veneer the teeth from the centre outwards, and do them in multiples of two so that you always have symmetry.

In most cases just 2 pain-free appointments are needed to complete the veneering process. The appointments last on average 90 minutes. We endeavour to make the whole experience as pain-free and relaxed as possible. Modern techniques mean that, even if you do require local anaesthetic, this can be undertaken with the minimum amount of discomfort – no more than a scratch is all you will feel, and you’ll be able to return to work pretty much straight away.

Prosthodontics - Dental Bridges

Dental bridges literally bridge the gap created by one or more missing teeth. A dental bridge is made by putting crowns on the teeth at either side of the space and then joining these two crowns together by placing a false tooth in the space. Once fitted the bridge cannot be removed and so requires careful cleaning. You need to clean your bridge every day, to prevent problems such as bad breath and gum disease. You also have to clean under the false tooth every day. Your dentist or hygienist will show you how to use a bridge needle or special floss, as a normal toothbrush cannot reach.

Dental bridges offer a lifelike replacement for a missing tooth by using the support of nearby natural teeth or the support of implants. Our dentist can offer dental bridges as a fixed solution to restore your smile and your ability to speak, bite and chew properly, thus maintaining the shape of your face and preventing your remaining teeth from drifting out of position.

Prosthodontics - Dental Crowns

Cosmetic dental crowns offer a strong and reinforcing outer 'cap' to protect damaged, cracked or broken teeth when a filling will not suffice. This will enable you to chew with comfort and smile with confidence. As they encompass the remaining 'core' of your natural tooth underneath, they reduce your risk of further breakages, and meanwhile rebuild the tooth's natural shape. A dental crown covers the entire tooth surface all the way to the gum line. You can always be assured that our approach is as preservative as possible.

Prosthodontics - Dentures

A removable denture replaces missing teeth. 'Partial' dentures replace a few missing teeth and 'full' dentures are required if all the natural teeth are missing. Dentures are made of plastic and sometimes metal as well to make them strong and less bulky.


Prosthodontics - Restorative Dentistry

Prevention is undoubtedly better and more cost-effective than the cure when it comes to ensuring your dental health. Sometimes, teeth deteriorate and break, meaning we must restore the area and restore function.

Restorative dental treatments today encompass all the disciplines that dentistry has to offer. That’s where our expertise and experience in all aspects of restorative dentistry as well as the other disciplines helps us to achieve the best possible long-term results for our patients. Restorative dental treatment may include a range of treatments from tooth whitening, braces, root treatments, fillings, crowns, bridges, veneers, plastic gum surgery, bone and gum rebuilding & grafting, and more!

Of course, dental implants, implant dentistry, periodontal treatment, aesthetic dentistry, orthodontics, endodontics, cosmetic dental treatments all play a key role in getting the best results for our patients.

Prosthodontics - Smile Makeover

All our dental clinics offer a transformational smile makeover experience with treatments designed for clear results. We understand how important it is to a person's self-esteem to be able to smile with confidence and eat without fear of unforeseen breakages. We offer full private cosmetic dentistry through our experienced dental teams to help you bring out the best version of yourself. To understand your needs and make a real difference to your life, we offer a full smile consultation to include discussing teeth whitening, straight teeth, crowns and veneers as well as to cover off the way you look and feel along with the way your teeth function for everyday life.

We invest in our people and business so that you can experience the best care available and our dental teams undergo extensive post graduate education and learning to continually meet the "gold standard" in the profession. You can be assured that you are in the hands of dentists who have a passion for dentistry and up to date techniques. We offer a range of experience across a variety of treatment modalities within envisage dental to preserve as much of what nature gave you as our priority whilst addressing any weak, damaged or missing teeth.

Our dentists are also able to offer straight teeth options, cosmetic white fillings, veneers, crowns, professional whitening, dentures, bridges, teeth implants, Botox and many more cosmetic treatments to inspire you to bring out the best version of yourself and help make a real difference to your life.

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