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We currently have our building up for sale as we are relocating Transform Smiles to another location in the Chichester area while this is happening we are open as usual for all your dental needs.

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We will be in touch with all our patients with any further updates.

Patient stories

Ben had not been to the dentist for some time and had put off the event given everything seemed fine with his teeth.

Chris came to us at because he was unhappy with his current dentures in terms of look, comfort and function.

We worked through Clare's concerns, looking at her face as a whole and taking into account her current smile and what she described as her areas of concern.

Jessica was conscious of her front teeth and would often shy away from the camera to hide her smile.

Lisa came to us because she was unhappy with her smile and appearance of her front teeth.

Maria had been experiencing toothache - enduring 6 weeks of pain, reaching the point where she could no longer eat.

Prevention is undoubtedly better and more cost effective than the cure when it comes to ensuring your dental health.

Tim had an old crown and over time, the original tooth underneath the crown had got weaker.